What our clients are saying:


Gemma and Eloise

Before I had coaching with Naomi I struggled a lot with my confidence and anxiety. I was regularly overcome with huge negative emotions and it was really holding my life back. I am a completely different person these days. I have the confidence to speak in front of people. I am more peaceful and have better connections with people. It has changed my daughter's life too. She now has a mum who can focus on her needs and our home is more loving and peaceful. I wouldn't have believed the changes I have experienced could be possible for me.



All my life I played the good girl. Obtaining the approval of others was my drug of choice. Naomi drew me to the treasure within. She enabled me to reclaim my power, find my voice and ditch the good girl approach to life.

I found that in nurturing my body, finding my authentic self and living well made me able to love myself and others. I now live following my curiosity. I am always adjusting my expectations to match my purpose.


Ness, Open Heaven

Naomi is a fantastic people developer. She is never phased by a challenge and her empathy and understanding means that people find her exceptionally easy to open up to. We have seen growth and change in people in all areas of the organisation she touched in her 10 years here. Naomi has developed a high level of expertise in personal growth through training and coaching. We wouldn't be where we are today without her.


Lisa, Let’s COnquer Motherhood

Working with Naomi has been a big influence on the direction of my online business. I have gone from idea to concept to launch. Naomi’s insight has shaped the brand and also shaped me as a leader. I now have confidence in what I bring and have been able to find my voice and my niche.


Paul, Student Crowd

I can always rely on Naomi to open up new possibilities. Our calls propel me into more effectiveness as a leader, the change is often immediate. She has worked with our staff team and challenged the limits on our thinking. We have just secured six figure investment and are growing like crazy. I rely on her insight and trust what she brings. Her input is always of high value.