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8 Must-do Steps for Healthy Boundary Setting

It is tempting to rush in to ‘tell them what I think’ but this approach does not allow for the way that all relationships are a combination of both people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to change your relationships, you need to first change yourself. That is what this list of ‘must-do steps’ will enable you to do:

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My 3 best pieces of advice for healthy living (they are really simple)

My difficulties with healthy choices comes not from a lack of information, or motivation, but through a lack of healthy thinking. I trip myself up with conflicting ideas about what healthy means for me. I take up new diet and exercise plans only to ditch them and get resentful and discouraged. At the back of my head lurks the horrid idea that maybe I can't live healthily. 

So in this article, I'm talking about three things that have worked for me in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Why giving up daily meditation was the best decision.

It was pre-kids. I had plenty of time on my hands. I would sit down in the mornings to begin meditation but I couldn’t make myself focus. My mind wandered, my feet tapped. I was frustrated with my lack of concentration. The more frustrated I got the more my mind would wander.  Then when I got stressed or confused I would berate myself for my lack of successful ‘quiet times’. I felt like a spiritual failure.

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