3 tiny changes you can make to improve your wellness


The sense that we are not in control is one of the subtle causes of stress that we experience in our modern world. Our brains are always trying to make meaning out of our experiences and store them for future reference. We tend to look for ways to predict what is going to happen or make sense of what is happening and when we can’t we trigger our brain’s fight or flight response.


That is why we feel good when we are in-control and why a lack of control can subtly gnaw away at our internal resources. Taking positive control where we can in our lives helps us feel more confident and function better.

These are three tiny ways that you can take positive control in your life and reduce stress.

Turn off notifications on your phone (unless they are critical)

A study shows that news alerts and social updates on our phones increase our stress levels. Create more calm by silencing those interruptions and use that extra brainspace and attention to manage your time and maintain healthy boundaries.

Set aside time for focused work

You may have dozens of emails coming into your inbox and lots of people wanting your attention but defining when you will and won’t be contactable is your prerogative. Setting boundaries on your time will increase the quality of both your work and your rest.

Declare an end to the day even if you have not finished all the tasks

Working long hours to complete a list of tasks means the only time we really switch off is when we are asleep. Deciding to draw a line under our day and reclaim time for family, friends and recreation is healthy control at play. Turn the laptop off at a reasonable hour in the evening and let recreation re-create you.

Naomi Light