Are you unsure about what coaching is? Read this.


I have had several coaches over the years. Some I have paid a lot of money for their time. Some are my friends and coaching has been a natural part of our friendship.

Some people coach me in one specific area: joy coach, finance coach, skills coach. I have been part of coaching groups and had dedicated sessions with coaches. I live a better life today because of the coaches who have invested in my life in the past. I can’t imagine who I would be without those people.

The rock climber and the riverboat

If you have never had a coach here is a way to think about what they do: a coach is like a rock climbing buddy. Climbers climb in pairs. As one is on the rock face another is at the bottom with the rope. The job of the coach is like the belay role in the climbing duo. They cannot do the climbing. They cannot winch the climber higher up the rock face – he or she must do the hard graft of putting one foot above the other and holding on tight. What they can do is assure them they will not fall off as long as they have the rope. They anchor them to the ground and promise to stop them if they should lose their grip. They also spot and shout up new rock climb hold options. From their perspective on the ground they can see rocks that the climber can’t see.

Images Credit: Unsplash

Images Credit: Unsplash


Coaches will challenge you/stretch you/encourage you to reach for foothold that you don’t think is within reach. You may have to put your trust in them and take a leap of faith.

When I am meeting with a new client I will often use the analogy of a boat ride to explain their part in the relationship. The boat is their life, the river is the path they are on and they are at the helm of the boat. They do all the stearning and decide on the direction to take. “I am the river guide for the next hour” I will say to them. “I know this river a bit and I can hop on and make suggestions about how you might steer your boat”. The successful navigation of the river will depend on the skill and choices of the person at the boat’s helm. Having someone onboard who has navigated the river before really helps.

Images Credit: Unsplash

Images Credit: Unsplash


Both the analogy of the rock climber and the river boat help people to imagine themselves in the coach-client picture. For many people who have never used the services of a coach it is hard to imagine what it is like. For some the only reference they have are sports coaches. Life coaching is very different to sports coaching.

Two questions to ask yourself

Do you have any rock faces you need to scale? Or are you carefully avoiding them?

What could you attempt if you had a climbing buddy? How much higher could you climb?

How would you feel steering your boat if you knew you had some expertise on board? I imagine you would be able to enjoy the journey much better.

Coaching is not just for the rich. Or those in the business world. Coaching is something everybody should experience at least at some stage in their lives, if not as a regular practice.

As a coach I specialise in helping women. I offer a series of 1 to 1 sessions over a video call. I make it my mission to be the best climbing buddy any rock climber could have. Here are some testimonials from my clients:


Ruth, Herefordshire

The biggest thank you for last night! I loved it! Your resources and tools are just amazing. They shed light on some things I was grappling with. It feels so right. I am thrilled that you are coaching me. I have used the tools to adopt a business mindset before meetings and I found I was talking with unusual courage.


Gemma, Loughborough

Before I had coaching with Naomi I struggled a lot with my confidence and anxiety. I was regularly overcome with huge negative emotions and it was really holding my life back. I am a completely different person these days. I have the confidence to speak in front of people. I am more peaceful and have better connections with people. It has changed my daughter's life too. She now has a mum who can focus on her needs and our home is more loving and peaceful. I wouldn't have believed the changes I have experienced could be possible for me.

And an endorsement from a Master Coach:


Mark Harland, Executive Leadership Coach

I would highly recommend Naomi as a talented coach and insightful communicator. Her passion and care for the individuals she works with enables her to achieve huge change in their lives. A session with Naomi is a smart investment that will always produce results.

If you think coaching with me would be a good fit for you then get in touch. All my social buttons are at the bottom of this article.

As an introduction to me and my coaching (including 8 coaching tools) you can get my ebook here.

Naomi Light