3 tiny changes you can make to improve your wellness

The sense that we are not in control is one of the subtle causes of stress that we experience in our modern world. Our brains are always trying to make meaning out of our experiences and store them for future reference. We tend to look for ways to predict what is going to happen or make sense of what is happening and when we can’t we trigger our brain’s fight or flight response.

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Naomi Light
8 Must-do Steps for Healthy Boundary Setting

It is tempting to rush in to ‘tell them what I think’ but this approach does not allow for the way that all relationships are a combination of both people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. In order to change your relationships, you need to first change yourself. That is what this list of ‘must-do steps’ will enable you to do:

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My motivation has vanished. How do I get it back?

In the hayday of my driven 20’s I couldn’t understand people who struggled to get out of bed in the morning or stayed in their pj’s all day. (I know, so judgemental!)

Now the conversation that happens between my ears sounds more like this:

Me: “I'm just searching for the motivation to get out of bed”.

“Nope. Can’t find it anywhere. I just stay here until it finds me.”

Me later: “Oh gosh is that the time!?! Crap I am going to be so late for school!”

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Parent guilt and how to give your children the gift of self-realisation

Suppose we encouraged parents to consider what self-realisation looks like for them as part of their decision-making process? Does returning to work realise their ambitions and desires, or is it better expressed in staying at home? When, as parents, we seek to fulfil our own needs, we permission our children to do the same.

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My 3 best pieces of advice for healthy living (they are really simple)

My difficulties with healthy choices comes not from a lack of information, or motivation, but through a lack of healthy thinking. I trip myself up with conflicting ideas about what healthy means for me. I take up new diet and exercise plans only to ditch them and get resentful and discouraged. At the back of my head lurks the horrid idea that maybe I can't live healthily. 

So in this article, I'm talking about three things that have worked for me in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Why giving up daily meditation was the best decision.

It was pre-kids. I had plenty of time on my hands. I would sit down in the mornings to begin meditation but I couldn’t make myself focus. My mind wandered, my feet tapped. I was frustrated with my lack of concentration. The more frustrated I got the more my mind would wander.  Then when I got stressed or confused I would berate myself for my lack of successful ‘quiet times’. I felt like a spiritual failure.

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New Year goals for the unstructured

I hate things that are unnecessarily structured. If I get the idea that I need to jump through hoops I find it a real turn off. When registering the family for the doctors and finding there are 2 sets of forms for each family member I shudder and go pale. I recently found myself sitting in the PTA meeting watching the secretary take pages of officious notes and I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry.

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