What Oprah is talking about in her Golden Globes Speech




There are times in our lives when we realise we are swept up in a movement. Times when you realise that the trickle of your thoughts is meeting with the surge of a wave rolling towards the sea. We are in one of those times. The swell of public opinion is moving fast. Carried through the river beds of social media and televised media a torrent flows.

In the late 1950’s a generation of young people was in a swell of rising culture. The world was forever marked by the ‘free love movement’. These words were first on the lips of the party going teenagers and students of a postwar generation.

We are the ‘me too’ generation. We are watching the swell break over the old walls and fill up our cultural consciousness. An enlightenment in the hearts of men and women alike. Who are we now that all those men abused their power with women?




And who will we be? Will we be angry demonstrators? Will we be daring name-and-shamers? Will we be the court-room victors raising our fist to the world?

If Oprah has her way we will be leaders. Leading ourselves and others to a time when no one has to say ‘me too’.

Because behind the slogans, stories and prominent personalities, there has to be something of substance. If not we will produce more of the same with a new name. Shame and fear rush to fill the vacuum of hollow words and promises.

The substance of daring is courage. The substance of solidarity is friendship. The substance of truth-telling is honesty. We need to be the maturest and fullest versions of ourselves with the substance of character.


I am fascinated by Jung’s archetypes. I love the heroine stories and the discovery of the leading ladies superpowers. Of course, in our own lives, we are all the leading ladies and we all possess superpowers of our own. Jung notes that the mature feminine is the energy of the queen, mother, wise woman and lover. All these personalities fully developed in us is the power to lead that Oprah is talking about. We have got to get past the angry feminist notion (the definition of a feminist is someone who supports the rights of females. It’s far too low a bar for us). We need to meet, embrace and become the queen, mother, lover and wise women that is inside us.

That is what is so alluring about Oprah. She embodies the mature feminine. When her presidential campaign gets underway in 2020 I hope she envokes all the power of a true leader of substance, and we follow.