4 steps to finding fulfilment and purpose

  • Is your life unfulfilling?

  • Do you have cycles of high and low energy?

  • Do you spend a lot of energy trying to motivate yourself?

  • Are you feeling like your life is just not working?

If so then the subject of this video will be so helpful to you. I take a look into the workings of my most powerful tool: the Purpose Train. Understanding the principles of alignment and neuroplasticity the Purpose Train is a route to generating a flow of energy consistently in your life. It enables you to move from striving to flow and to be energised by passion for whatever you are doing. All because you are connected to your deepest sense of purpose.

I explain how all this works and show you how to apply the tool to your life with the help of an imaginary friend called Tricia.

You can take the 4 part tool away with the accompanying questions and create a description of your purpose that becomes your new raison d’etre (reason to be).