Oh hello, so glad you are here!


I'm Naomi, this little corner of the internet is where I share thoughts and ideas about people. Of all the fascinating subjects in this enormous universe nothing moves me more than people and their potential.

When it comes to the untapped potential of human beings I am like a kid in a sweet shop; overexcited!

"oh my goodness, can you see all this amazing stuff!?! It's all here! Bottles and bottles of untapped potential. I just want to get it all out and see what it does. Can we open the bottles please!?? Please...I can't wait its so exciting"

But the thing is, that could be a huge pressure. To have to become your most brilliant self right now. And pressure is the last thing you need more of. I know you already live with a lot of pressure. We all do.

So it's not about pressure, control or even hard work.


Do flowers work hard to bring about their amazing transformation? No they don't! It's a natural process of becoming. The flower knows how to do it. All that is needed is the right conditions for growth. (That's another thing I get really happy about: flowers!)

It's the same with you. You don't need to hustle, struggle or try. You know how to unfold and bloom. You have been doing it since you were tiny. It's just that the conditions haven't always supported you. You have not had the love that you have needed, or the time and the opportunities for growth.

But you are still breathing, right!?

OK. It's not over then. We can find those bottles of untapped potential. They are inside you, I'm sure of it. We can figure out how to get them opened. Work out what flavour of potential you are.

Lemon bonbons, mint humbugs, strawberry laces, marshmallows, fruit chews, liquorice, toffee....there are so many different kinds. Your flavour is completely unique in fact.

Well, enough about you. I expect you came here to find out about me.

Apart from a passion for people and flowers I am big into my family. Here we are.

The lovely Nick and I have 3 children; Noah, Megan and Rosie. Being their mum and dad is the greatest job in the world.

Our home is in the south of England. It is often overrun with possessions and small friends. (Although not the furry kind as we are allergic to small mammals, not to mentions far to busy to take them for walks!)

I blog on this site about my discoveries. Usually I write about people and what is going on inside them. I am my own guinea pig for adventures in love, courage and making good choices. I write about my failures and struggles and new insights. I am always honest and raw.

I like to see the world as one big whole with everything connecting together. I like to think that things were put there for us to discover and that we are at our best when we are at play. Having fun, being curious and following our passions are important Light family values. We like to holiday as much as we can.

Our home is in the countryside. We keep our wellies on the front porch (the drive has lots of puddles) and we like to walk and cycle in beautiful green places.

I am a coach to some fantastic people. If you are thinking about being one of those people then the best way to start is to have a conversation. Contact me here.

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