Rate your job on personal fulfilment

I came across this fantastic resource from Escape the City this week. Its a self-scoring system for rating your job. How fulfilling do you find it really when you look across a range of 6 factors.

I was surprised to discover that my job (doing this) did not rate as highly as I had hoped and it caused me to look at my job fulfilment in a new light.

Escape the City and their Escape School based in London aim to get people doing jobs they find meaningful. Their motto “1 million people doing what they love changes the world” is a cause I would love to get behind. Having a job that connects with your passions and lines up with you talents is a major factor in well-being and happiness. Conversely being bored, stressed or unfulfilled in your role causes untold internal conflict and can contribute to illness in mind and body.

It is a good idea to regularly ask yourself the question; “Is what I am doing with my time really fulfilling?’. If you discover to your horror that you really need a career change or a total fresh start at a new business then joining one of Escape Schools part-time programmes could be a really good move for you.

Either way, use their tool to check in with your fulfilment levels and see what the quiz reveals.