Did you get our Christmas give-away?


Hello friends, its the time of year for gift giving and I made 6 gifts for you!!

My series of mini videos contain one mantra a day for the 6 days leading up to Christmas. However if Christmas has past and you didn’t get to see them don’t worry. You can follow the links below to get hold of all 6!


Day 1: Look up

Here on the first day of #deeper Christmas we remind ourselves why posture changes how you think. I encourage you to look up and notice the big story of your life in order that you can engage in what is most meaningful to you.

Day 2: Expect Surprises

The next in the series of #deeperchristmas this mantra focuses our attention on creating what we want to experience. Childlike wonder and excitement can be something we lose as adults but in this short video, I highlight the need to overcome our inbuilt bias to protect ourselves from disappointment.

Day 3: Soften

Day 3 of #deeperchristmas. Energetically being softer will get a more positive response from your world. Including your relatives at Christmas. Having a robust way of dealing with disappointments enables you to show up as a soft and open version of yourself.

Day 4: Receive good things

During #deeperchristmas I am taking 6 simple mantras and applying them to our modern lives. The idea is to enrich your lived experience of Christmas in the present moment. Disconnection from the present is a modern problem that leaves us feeling numb and needing more and more highs to get a sense of aliveness.

Day 5: Share love

Far from being a hippy bumper sticker this powerful reminder is simple but engages us deeply. Connection is a vital source of life to us and Christmas is a time to engage in the connections we have with our most important relationships.

Day 6: Begin anew

The last in our series of #deeperchristmas mantras. Today we focus on new beginnings. What will you clear out this Christmas with the boxes and wrapping? Old habits? Limiting self-beliefs? Fears and bad memories? This mantra will elevate the possibility that every moment is a time to begin anew.
Naomi Light