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Great coaching relationships start with conversations. Finding a coach that can bring the best out of you is a matter of ‘fit’. You have got to like them and trust them before you can benefit from their work with you.

That is why I will never take on a one to one client unless we have spent a minimum of two hours exploring what our work together will involve.

To begin a conversation with me about working together add an appointment to my calendar and leave me a phone number or email address. I will be in touch to arrange a time for an exploration call.


COaching Packages


Ideation to Creation

The Business start-up coaching package


Freedom is valuable. More and more people are running their own businesses because of the financial and time freedom it gives them. But 50% of businesses fail in the first year. You don’t have to run the gauntlet of failure. You can build in the mental and emotional resilience skills that make your business versatile, responsive and innovative.

  • Test out your ideas before putting them into practice

  • Adopt mindsets for growth and success

  • Discover how to build resilience into your business plans

  • Find your purpose and align your plans to it

  • Be supported through the vital ‘exploration’ stage of starting your own business

  • Take away our bundle of tools for new business owners to work through during the first year

The most important investments you will make into your business are investments into your own performance and wellbeing. Not only is your high function of paramount importance to the success of your new business but resilience is the defining factor of business longevity. Your psychology will shape your business before your business ever shapes you.

Ideation to Creation gives you the space and support to peel back the layers of thinking and build strength into the foundational concepts for your new life.

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6 one to one sessions over 8 weeks

*Sessions over video call*


Detox your Life

The stress-busting coaching package


If mindfulness and slowing down sounds like a wonderful idea but impossible to fit in to your life then you are perfectly placed for the Detox your Life coaching sessions. If you have struggled with conflicting priorities and never ending to-do lists then you will know how stress eats away at fulfilment. Detox your Life tackles the root causes of inner conflict and stress.

We look at the brain-based models of stress and tackle challenges at a subconscious level. Without the need for hypnosis we can highlight blocks and limits and get you access to the calmness you need.

  • Find a way through the confusing jumble of priorities

  • Learn to spot your authentic voice

  • Enhance the mind-body connection bringing greater clarity and calmness

  • Tackle the physiological symptoms of stress: sleep loss, stress related illness, weight gain

  • Break perpetual bad habits

  • Discover and implement the habits you really want to have

  • Choose a roadmap to a sustainable stress-free life

The solutions to stress are all internal ones. Many of us look at changing our environment to tackle the stress we experience. But the real keys to calm come from within. With our skill at stress busting and our effective brain-changing tools you have the route to a calmer more fulfilled life.

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4 one to one sessions over 6 weeks

*Sessions over video call*