How to make money as a female entrepreneur

In my work as a coach, I talk with clients about their money aspirations, fears and frustrations. I love the topic of money. I could talk about it for hours.

In my conversations with clients, what we often come back to is the meaning of money. It’s a denoter of value. Before there were currencies, people would swap services or items of an acceptable value. We now swap coins, notes, wave plastic cards, enter PayPal details. This is money. It says we place value on the exchange.

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The question of ‘How do I make money?’ is one we discuss often. We can talk about niche, purpose, sales funnels, marketing strategies, but the real point is value. If you want to make money, create something of value. If you want to create something of value, own your own value.

I coach female entrepreneurs. I help women transition into a business they love in a lifestyle that works for them. Their struggles with money and many of their aspirations around money are to do with value. We need to own our value before others will value us. We need to believe in the value of what we do in business before others will believe in it. If we don’t, our financial growth will be undermined by our inherent lack of self-value.

How do I own my own value?

One of the tools I use with clients is to have them bring a photo of themselves as a small child to our sessions. I ask them about the value that child has. I remind them that they once had a high regard for their value. (Two year olds on being told they are special and loved don’t say, “Oh you are just saying that. It’s not really true!”). None of my clients batted away the affection and love they received as small children. But so many of them now live disconnected from a deep sense of self-value.

Usually the photo tool will expose the blocks that my clients have on the path towards owning their value. Sometimes it’s experiences that we have had, sometimes its parents or siblings. Sometimes it’s an inner vow we have made.

Naomi helped me change the way I looked at my startup and myself as a business owner. I just had never been happy with calling myself a business anything. My mindset was affecting my decisions I realise now.

After our session I had two big breakthroughs with the business; I’m sure it was due to my more confident approach.
— sarah

There is no one way to own our own value. In my experience with people over 10 years, the journey must go from the head to the heart. I encourage my clients to get to the place where looking at themselves in the mirror triggers positive feelings of appreciation. Where they can walk into a room of people they don't know and expect to be liked.

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How does value translate to making money?

Have you ever sat by a log burner and felt the fire drawing in the air? A small breeze happens around the log burner. The same thing happens with our psyches. If we are generating energy around our sense of purpose and value then it will become a draw for people, resources and opportunities. Whether these form out of a plan and schedule or just seem to 'happen' by chance the energy draw is the same. This principle is often called the 'law of attraction'.

The work needs to happen inside you. You need to come to a place of acceptance of your innate value and your particular passions and purpose. It's like starting a fire on the inside of you.

If working with a coach to create the time and space for some inner work is a good next step for you then get in touch with me. 

What should I do next?

Give some attention to your own sense of value. Make some time to reflect on it. Use meditation if it works for you. "Whatever you give attention to will grow". If you get stuck then find a professional who can help.

Gently as your value unfolds you will be able to evaluate your life and choices through the 'fit' of value. You may find that some ways of thinking, behaving, or speaking don't reflect your value anymore. That’s a really good sign you are changing from the inside out.

Above all else, give yourself lots of compassion. If your passions are going to create the kind of draw that pulls wealth into your life then it will be the result of lots of work and courage on your part. You will need to back yourself with loving encouragement all the way. But after all, you are of immense value. You are coming to understand this more and more.